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Local heritage book Rütenbrock

  • Project OFB Rütenbrock is finished!
  • Update 25-07-2022: checked 3699 deaths/funerals 1799-1921 at Matricula, thanks to Herman Kimmann!
  • Update 25-07-2022: checked 5201 births/baptisms 1799-1900 at Matricula
  • Update 25-06-2020: checked 1709 marriages 1799-1918 at Matricula
  • Update 23-06-2019: places of birth check, places of death check, inconsistency check, regional

Altenberge belonged to the parish of Wesuwe until 1847, until 1915 to Rütenbrock and has been an independent parish since then. That is why Altenberge is considered both part of OFB Wesuwe and OFB Rütenbrock.
Catholics in Roswinkel, De Maten, Munsterscheveld, Zandberg and Horsten in the Netherlands went to church in Rütenbrock, untill there was a better option nearby. So they were baptized, buried or got married in Rütenbrock.

The local Heritage Book Rütenbrock contains the following selection from my genealogy database:

(All people born, lived, died in Altenberge, Rütenbrock, Lindloh, Schwartenberg
OR baptized, married, buried in Rütenbrock)
AND parents, partner(s), children, children in law

Data visualization: Bar chart and more statistics at

Bar chart with number of births/baptisms, marriages, deaths per 5 years 14-11-2021. Click the chart to switch to to see additional chart info and more stats, such as a Google Map with the distribution of genealogical events, the top 10 of family names etc.

Main source is my father's research
Broer Berens (1916-2013): Ortsfamilienbuch Rütenbrock

My father did research on ownership in the village/parish of Rütenbrock and neighbouring townships Hanentange, Altenberge, Schwartenberg, Alten Schloot and Lindloh. You can see the historical development on land ownership. Per lot you'll see the owners in the years 1788, 1798, 1831, 1910, 1938, 1963 and 1980. The lots have numbers 1-90b. In Lindloh people who didn't own the land are numbered 1-67, research has been done until 1900. The research includes the genealogy of landowners and inhabitants. You'll find several drop down menus, respectively 90 Rütenbrock lots sorted on lotnumber, surname, male surname, female surname and 67 Lindloh Inhabitants not owning any land sorted on male surname respectively female surname. Sources in this research project were civic and church archives.

Including Heinz Menke's maps of plots/Plaatzen in Lindloh, Schwartenberg and Rütenbrock.

  plattegrond_Rutenbrock_Flensberg_1788_rechts plattegrond_Rutenbrock_Flensberg_1788_Heinz_Menke_2013_t
  Rütenbrock right Rütenbrock
plattegrond_Schwarzenberg_Flensberg_1788_links plattegrond_Schwarzenberg_Flensberg_1788_rechts plattegrond Schwarzenberg
Schwartenberg left Schwartenberg right Schwartenberg
plattegrond_Lindloh_Flensberg_1788_links plattegrond_Lindloh_Flensberg_1788_rechts plattegrond Lindloh
Lindloh left Lindloh right Lindloh

Kreis Meppen 1950

plattegrond 1950 Kreis Meppen


I checked a lot of my fathers research data in the Wesuwe Church records,, or, this OFB is as accurate as possible, though errors may remain. Please contact me with any corrections or additions.

Living were removed from the database, 6906 of the individuals are related to eachother according to Progen.

Though born in Barger-Compascuum, the Netherlands, my roots are in Germany. Most of my ancestors were Catholic German farmers from the Emsland. That's why I'm interested in the history of Rütenbrock, among other German villages like Hebelermeer and Wesuwe.

You'll find more stuff on regional history and genealogy in the
Collectie Broer Berens

Enjoy, greetings from the Netherlands, Pauline Berens

01-03-2020: The Rütenbrock church under construction. So many ancestors were baptized, married, or buried here.
kerk-rutenbrock20200301 (464K)

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:: Contact
For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Pauline Berens