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Local heritage book of Groß Engelau

Church of Groß Engelau situation until 1945
Drawing from old photographs of Rüdiger Schlien, 2006
This Online-OFB GROSS ENGELAU was created and provided in 2009 by Manfred Schlien (who unfortunately died in 2015).

The original volume contained many more entries of his ancestor lines which are not in the parish of Groß Engelau. Therefore the original complete file was uploaded to GEDBAS, and only the data of the parish of Groß Engelau are listed here. The parish included the villages Groß and Klein Engelau, Friedrichsdorf, Gundau, Hanswalde, Jägersdorf, Kühnbruch, and Sechshuben as well as the Kampenbruch outlying estate, the Waldhaus Kipitten, and Idashof.

The original file did not have any reference to the individual entries, and I hereby refer to the FamilySearch film adaptations of the Lutheran church book (1717-1874) of Groß Engelau to find out more details about the entries. The link to FamilySearch after free registration is

According to Mr. Schlien, the following sequences are illegible: 1744, no. 1-14/ 1745, no. 20-32/ 1747, no. 3-18/ 1780, no. 44 and 49-51/ 1858 are missing half of a double page, so that the names of the child and father remain unknown for no. 83-85 and 88-90

Ancestry also offers digital copies, which make reading a little easier as left and right pages can be viewed side by side.

Archion has no digitised versions of Groß Engelau online yet.

Adjacent parishes are Stockheim, Abschwangen, Georgenau, and Deutsch Wilten among others. The former are online as OFBs, the latter are in process.
Registry office documents were not taken into account for this OFB. The Allenstein Archives have no relevant files on this site.

If someone has personal documents from the time after 1874, or knows the whereabouts of listed persons, I will gladly accept additions and corrections.

Karin Cox, Jan. 2020

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Karin Cox