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Local heritage book of Bukowce und Bucharzewo

BUKOWCE (Bokufze, Bokutze, Treuenwalde), poln. Bukowiec and  BUCHARZEWO (Bucharschewo, Bukorczewe, Hundeshagen) poln Bucharzewo are two small settlements right side of the river Warthe, northeast of  Zirke (Sierakow) im Kreis Birnbaum, Provinz Posen.  Today these are combined under Bucharzewo, but the parish book entries show them as separate entities. Bucharzewo has a small village center, but  Bukowce now consists of scattered farms and houses in a wooded area. Both are very close to the river Warthe, which had much barge traffic due to the Zirke cloth makers, the glas factory and the horse breeding farm for the military.  

This OFB is based on the protestant (evangelisch) parish register and parish register duplicate, of the Zirke Parish, Kreis Birnbaum, Provinz Posen (1775-1874). The entries obviously were not all made sequentially, as if copied from somewhere else, nor are they at times entered near the date of the event. There are major variations in spellings of names and places and the ages listed at deaths and marriages also differ widely. Some of the surnames have been standardized to better connect the families.

Neighboring parishes were  Birnbaum, Neustadt/Pinne, Orzeschkowo, Wronke, Schneidemühlchen, There also was a  catholic church in Zirke which is not included here. In the protestant parish register there are at times notes that an event occurred in the catholic church, i.e. it may be useful to search this as well.

The Zivilstandsregister (civil registration)  Zirke starts at 1874, is divided into city and rural district 1874-1879, thereafter all entries are under city. This has not all been transcribed yet. 

The Amtsgericht in Birnbaum (civil county court) covered both villages, but the data set is coming only slowly digitized online at this time, for the most part only listing the titles of the data entities so far. Once fully available, these data will be invaluable in adding personal and other background data for Kreis Birnbaum.  

These data are not complete yet, and are actively being worked on with regular updates. This is part of a larger project in the Kreis Birnbaum, with the entire dataset on GEDBAS, which includes surrounding villages.


Zirke ev Kirchenbuch / Kirchenbuch Duplikate  1775-1922  (prot parish registers) (included from 1795 on)
Unfortunately these can only be viewed in a LDS (FamilySearch)  local research library and are not available on Ancestry. ARCHION has a list of communicants and confirmations. 1776-1799.
The polish Archive in Landsberg has digitized some years  (1857-1874) under the signature  66/527/0/18.2
Zirke Standesamt/Zivilstandsregister 1874-1939  (civil registration) are in the Posen archive, are partially digitized, separated in town versus surrounding villages books with signatures 53/1845/0 and 53/1946/0
Kreis Birnbaum Amtsgerichtsakten (civil court records)  are in the Landsberg archive with the signature  66/527/0

For polish archive searches

I am requesting additions and corrections.

Karin Cox

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For further information concerning these data and, if you have additions, corrections or questions, please contact:
Karin Cox

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